"Sally has taught me how to adopt a coaching leadership style in my organization. Instead of giving advice, I'm now empowering staff to solve their own problems and hold themselves and others more accountable."

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Executives and Managers

Are you or your organization experiencing conflict,  communications challenges, lack of employee engagement, stress or behaviors that are negatively impacting performance?
Coaching reduces the time and expense wasted by poor communications and conflict and facilitates better business practices. A study of Fortune 1000 companies showed that coaching improved relationships with direct reports (77%); with supervisors(71%); with peers and teams(63-67%). Ward Leadership provides a safe, objective environment for leveraging strengths, addressing areas for development, and gaining tools for self-regulation to manage the stress of multiple demands and challenges.

Are you seeking greater executive presence and confidence ? 
In a report by the Work Foundation on coaching in organizations, 79% of those surveyed reported that coaching stimulates fuller use of an individual’s talents and potential. Getting confirmation of strengths boosts confidence and improves job performance/productivity (84%).


Do you want to elevate your career?  More fully develop employees?


"The results tell us that corporations commonly identify their best and brightest and use coaching to turn them into more effective leaders. Coaches improve executive behaviors by pinpointing blind spots, altering management styles, and keeping careers on track."

-- Excerpt from Dynamics of Internal Corporate Coaching Survey Report, International Coach Federation 2004 Conference.


Ward Leadership coaching and training services are distinguished by a strong foundation in emotional intelligence, offering a powerful medium to create change and measurable improvements.  Chief among the benefits are:

  • improved performance 
  • increased motivation and  employee engagement
  • better working and client relationships
  • greater productivity
  • more resilience to change and stress
  • stronger influencing skills   
  • better work-life balance
  • enhanced clarity and focus
  • catalyst for creative thinking


Do you need skilled facilitation for your next meeting or planning retreat?


Leverage strengths, improve the quality of relationships and conversations in your organization and create more robust results. 

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"Executives should seek coaching when they feel that a change in behavior- either for themselves or their team members -  can make a significant difference in the long-term success of the organization."

                          -- Marshall Goldsmith, management consultant and author




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