"Through the coaching sessions with Sally, I've become a more productive, effective, prosperous and happy business owner."

Fitness Center Owner

Business Owners

Do you want to build business, improve your effectiveness, and have a more rewarding personal life as well?

Do any of these concerns strike a chord?

  • You never seem to have enough time
  • You work too many hours
  • You get caught up in the weeds
  • You wish people would just get along and do their jobs
  • You find it hard to delegate
  • You are working without a strategic plan
  • You would like to be having more fun


You are not alone!
The majority of business owners are results-oriented Doers who start with a big idea and the drive to succeed. If only sustained success were that easy! The reality is that the day-to-day demands of work flow, personnel management, relationships with staff and clients, and maintaining a healthy, satisfying balance between a professional and personal life can be daunting.

It takes more than ambition to get where you want to go.
Executive coaching will enable you to hold the focus on the Big Picture, think more strategically, build a plan, hone skills that motivate and get people working better together, and set up systems that support you.

Stop doing the grunt work and start doing your genius work!
Executive coaching can help business owners and leaders leverage strengths, amp up the quality of relationships and conversations in the organization, improve the bottom line, and shape a more desirable work-life balance.

What is your next milestone?
If you’re serious about performance, business growth and increased satisfaction, let’s discuss how we can work together to make the changes you want faster and easier.



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“The investment in coaching has really paid off for me. Since working with you, I’ve sharpened the focus on my ideal clients and divested business that was less satisfying and profitable. This has been the most successful year I’ve ever posted, and I’m working about half as many hours. For the first time, I have a sense of work-life balance.”
D.H. Ferguson, P.L.L.C.


“The coaching sessions were the spark I needed. I feel such renewed vigor for my business! That’s huge, and it has propelled me to work on others areas of my life where I’ve felt stuck.”
Lin, Entrepreneur


" Sally helped me work more efficiently and worry less. The process we engaged in enabled me to think deeply about my priorities and what would make my life and career better. Thanks to the coaching, I've made sea changes that meet my goals and objectives and give me the freedom and sense of control that were missing.”
Cecily Molak, Esquire


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