"Sally's past community and management coaching experience, her professional demeanor, and unique ability to guide a diverse group of individuals enabled our $23 million organization to successfully move forward with its planning activities."

Board Chair

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Executive Coaching and Leadership Development


Executive coaching offers a powerful relationship and highly effective vehicle to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be, relative to personal and organizational performance. 

Leading is not only about getting results; it’s also about fostering excellence by nurturing and growing people.
Ward Leadership coaching offers you the tools you need to develop a compelling shared vision for the future, create clarity and alignment on guiding principles and values, increase capacity for innovation and change, build an atmosphere of trust and cooperation, and foster an environment where people feel appreciated.

What will increase your impact, effectiveness and fulfillment as a leader?

Ward Leadership works with individuals who are ready to:

  • Invent the future
  • Challenge assumptions
  • Generate fresh perspectives
  • Identify and remove unseen barriers to personal and organizational performance
  • Rise above the chaos of day-to-day demands
  • Realize greater productivity and time management
  • Build capacity to develop and motivate others
  • Improve workforce satisfaction and esprit de corps
  • Foster better communication
  • Integrate a coaching management style into everyday leadership
  • Address specific performance issues identified in evaluations and feedback instruments
  • Improve trust and respect
  • Reduce stress


1-to-1 executive coaching sessions generally take place by phone for convenience and privacy. (Local clients may elect to schedule some sessions onsite.)

Coaching begins with assessment of the strengths and skills you bring to leadership as well as areas for development. Ongoing sessions are generally scheduled 2-3 times / month for 45-60 minutes. Coaching occurs over a period of time that will vary according to your needs and goals.

Sally Ward’s commitment to each client is an alliance based on trust, confidentiality and deep dialogue that provides support, challenge and straight feedback. Sally offers a complimentary consultation to help you find out if executive coaching is right for you.




Complimentary Consultation

What do you want to be able to say about your situation six months from now?

What are the biggest challenges you are facing?


I invite you to contact me today to schedule a complimentary 30-minute coaching consultation to discuss your current situation and what you want to change.


The purpose for our conversation will be to show how the coaching process can help, give you a “test drive” to experience the power of the work we can do together, and decide if working with Ward Leadership is the right fit and investment for you. You are under no obligation following our consultation to contract with me, and I will be upfront if I feel you are not coachable or would be better served by someone else.


Call or e-mail today and let's talk about what you'd like to be different.






Leader Circles

Leader Circles provide a safe, supportive, convenient forum to address challenges and concerns. Participants share best practices and resources, generate ideas, brainstorm solutions, get real-time coaching from Sally Ward, and acquire coaching tools that inform leadership expertise.

Circles are composed of CEOs or senior leadership of non-competing organizations or leaders of an organization who are geographically dispersed. They generally meet via phone conference over a pre-arranged period of time. Each Circle is limited in size.

Here’s what leaders are saying about Leader Circles with Sally Ward:

“The CEO job can be isolating. Having a safe place to share and get feedback is incredibly valuable.”


“ It provides me with connection and a comfortable, open forum for the things that really matter.”


“ I value the opportunity to discuss things in smaller group. Instead of just bitching, we come up with something constructive.”

Would you like to learn more about arranging or participating in a Leader Circle?






Team Coaching

One of the greatest opportunities for any organization is communicating to each member of a team the importance of their role and its impact on results. 


Team coaching is a cost-effective way to help managers tie vision and mission to goals and motivate their teams to contribute more fully. Coaching enables managers to spend less time in crisis mode and more time thinking and acting strategically. Coaching may be offered for a senior leadership team or for groups of mid-level managers.


We begin with assessments for each member of the team to improve communications and identify strengths and areas for development.


Learn more about team coaching now.








The DISC behavioral assessment offers an immediate spot-on snapshot to help individuals and teams identify and build on their strengths, uncover blind spots, communicate better, and create action plans to maximize their effectiveness within the organization. 


The DISC assessment is administered online in conjunction with training or individual follow up coaching.


SEIP™ Assessment
The Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP)™ is the most comprehensive social and emotional intelligence assessment instrument on the market today. It is based on the leading model of S+EI used by over 75% of Fortune 500 companies. 


360° Assessment
Ward Leadership offers a comprehensive online multi-rater assessment that allows individuals to see how they are perceived in the workplace. Feedback is collected from peers, supervisors, direct reports, customers and others and compiled in a thorough, printed report. 


Ward Leadership also offers the option to conduct the 360 via a direct interview process.


Are you ready to accelerate learning and performance for yourself or a team in your organization?

Contact Sally Ward at Ward Leadership to learn more and schedule the DISC™ , SEIP™ or 360°  assessments.



“I’m amazed at the wealth of information this assessment provided. It pinpointed my strengths and areas for improvement, and the follow-on coaching provided the structure to apply what I’ve learned. The process was positive and affirming. I’m grateful for this opportunity to develop my leadership.”
Operations Manager





Relationship Management Coaching

Relationship management coaching provides the opportunity for two or more individuals to come together with the coach with the intent of improving their working relationship. Offered as needed, by phone or in person (if local).






Training Tele-seminars

Organizations across the U.S. and Canada can take advantage of Ward Leadership’s customized leadership development training programs offered via tele-seminar. Training by phone is a flexible, cost-effective, convenient vehicle for specific leadership skills development.  Participants dial a conference line at a pre-arranged time.  Follow up coaching support is highly recommended to lock in the learning.

Topics include:

  • Setting and Achieving Effective Goals
  • Building Shared Vision, Mission and Values
  • Leading Positive Change
  • Principles of Constructive Conflict
  • Rise Above the Chaos: Practices for Personal Sustainability
  • Effective Delegation
  • Work Smarter: Strategies for Prioritizing and Managing Time
  • Your Unique Service Proposition
  • Setting Boundaries to Improve Productivity and Create Respectful Relationships
  • Leader/Manager as Coach

What are your organization’s training needs?
Contact Ward Leadership to get the ball rolling.







Is it time to raise some hard questions?
The quality and progress of an organization is dependent on the quality of the questions it asks.

To foster a climate that promotes inquiry and a safe environment to address challenges, contact Sally Ward at Ward Leadership about customized facilitation services for Boards, teams, and other working groups.


Ward Leadership created a very fertile environment to go offline and, in a targeted and focused way, come to agreement about a core strategic direction.  Sally's experience and interpersonal style were immensely helpful to me and to our staff in architecting the best way to use the time of a group of very intense and busy people.  Our board retreat went extremely well and was highly productive, in no small part due to all of Sally's advance work, intelligence, and expertise.

Heidi N. Zimmer-Meyer
President, Rochester Downtown Development Corporation








Ward Leadership offers customized training related to leadership, emotional intelligence, performance and individual success, including, but not limited to:


  • Overcome the Immunity to Change
    Resistance to change is natural but it need not be paralyzing. Develop new pathways to achieve breakthrough by uncovering the hidden dynamics that are supporting the status quo. Gain a proven six step framework to support positive change and move forward.
  • Leader/Manager as Coach

    This program covers the essential elements leaders need in order to have the coaching conversations  that develop people and promote greater engagement and better results. Acquire a process and cornerstones for the coaching conversation. Learn how to listen more deeply, shape powerful questions, gain accountability and reframe limiting thinking.

  • Values for Leadership
    Discover the unique personal values that inform your leadership and lead to powerful impact and far greater fulfillment.
  • Managing and Resolving Conflict
    Strengthen relationships by learning how to work through disagreements. Gain hands-on tools for understanding and managing conflict and increasing positive interactions among individuals and teams. Handle conflict calmly and professionally, without becoming reactive.
  • How to Set Boundaries To Improve Productivity and Foster Healthier Business and Personal Relationships
    Strengthen your personal leadership foundation and free up time and energy by learning how to better manage multiple demands and interruptions. The more competent and successful you are, the more others will expect of you and the more you will need boundaries to get to and stay at the top of your game. Explore what gets in the way of setting boundaries, the 5 steps to effective boundary setting, how to overcome hesitations and hang-ups, and the language to use for the best results. You'll discover what contributes to boundary violations, and how to prevent recurrences and command greater respect.
  • How to Communicate More Effectively
    Excellent interpersonal communications skills are the "make it or break it" factor in successful businesses, organizations, and relationships. Companies that communicate effectively with their employees and customers financially outperform those that don't. Learn powerful techniques that will immediately enhance the ability to positively connect with others in business and personal settings. Gain awareness of the impact of verbal and nonverbal communications; hone active listening skills; discover how to ask questions that elicit more trust and understanding. Strengthen relationships and avoid costly misunderstandings by communicating in a way that fosters clarity and trust.
  • Strategies for Stress Management
    Conduct a stress self-assessment; acquire 10 or more simple, effective stress reduction techniques; gain tools for more effective thinking; facilitate key mental shifts to control negativity, frustration, anger and worry. Learn to renew mental energy, focus, and well-being in order to perform better and stay healthier.
  • Emotional Intelligence Competency Development


"What a thought-provoking program on change! It is such a struggle for most of us and you effectively " lifted the veil" so that I can view the struggle very differently."
S. Melville, Business Leader


“Sally is an engaging, enthusiastic speaker who is very comfortable in front of a group.”
K. Borish, Training and Merchandising Coordinator


“A vibrant professional with a content rich message.”
A. Lambert, workshop participant


“Your presentations were outstanding…informational, warm, and motivational.
I particularly liked the participatory nature of the sessions. In my mind, this is the hallmark of a skilled trainer.”
L. Rowntree





Strategic Planning

Leaders and managers are often so engulfed with day-to-day and tactical issues that they fail to focus enough attention on ultimate objectives.

A strategic planning process brings the entire organization together to solidify its vision of success: where it's going and how it will get there in the context of mission and core values.

Your strategic plan is your roadmap to the future.

Need to initiate, refine or update a planning process that gets results??




"Sally Ward  recently helped HR Works draft a three-year strategic plan and did an excellent job all-around. She brought our executive team together and kept us motivated and on track. Sally is an outstanding facilitator and is warm, engaging and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her strategic planning services."

Candace Walters

President, HR Works, Inc.


Complimentary Consult

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The most comprehensive emotional intelligence assessment on the market today.

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